Posted by Sarah Fox February 3, 2020 in ESPORTSGAMINGNEWS

As we stepped foot into the new year, Vanix esports premiered their first CS:GO roster to compete in ESNL Season 5, 2020. 

ESNL is a diverse and growing European CSGO league, which encompasses a wide variety of teams and players. With a total of a £1000 prize pool for Season 5, the League is growing year on year. Team Captain Yannis Hasert “Lirox” said ESNL was “Overall one of the coolest leagues outside of the standard german 99Damage League” and “it’s the perfect league to improve our knowledge and skill for every individual player and the teamplay” agreed  Kevin Heise “ICU”.

With high hopes for their first official match, the players began their year with heavy hearts after suffering a 16-5 loss to Zenyar esports on 8th January. Vanix felt the blow of their defeat, but continued to power through, practicing for their next match against Wasps Gaming, scheduled for the 12th. Despite their efforts, managing to score 12 rounds in their second match, The Wasps left Vanix defeated yet again. In the following week, amongst an atmosphere of loss and unobtained ambitions, the players began to feel a need for change.

” Some pretty good Teams play ESN and it is hard to get to the playoffs” – TPS Stefan Fortmann

Leading up to their third match of ESNL, Vanix esports said goodbye to one of their roster members; Arcky. With their departure, previous substitute Zntx stepped up to the plate to fill the void. Whether for better or worse, change had occurred and the remaining players were left with only a matter of days to recompose themselves before their next game on the 19th; an effort that clearly paid off. 

On Sunday the 19th January, 2020, Vanix esports not only played against opposing team My Revenge, they took their name sake and made it their own. Carrying the weight of their two prior defeats, Vanix esports finally tasted success for the first time, beating My Revenge 16-10 in the first round, and secured the victory in the second, 16-14. Off the tail of their first win, Vanix player and Captain of the roster Lirox had this to say:

“At the moment we are 1-2. Our next elimination match will be a very difficult match, but we know we can do it. Because with the latest roster change we got new courage or a new “mental strength”. Our big advantage was the big Mappol. It was reduced a bit with the roster change but we are making great progress in training and will restore the status quo! We will do our best to reach the playoffs”.

Unfortunately, just six days later on the 25th of January, Vanix esports were eliminated from the competition by Vector Gaming, losing 2-0. However, despite missing out on the ESNL championship, the sentiments of Lirox’s words still stand. January may not have been a month of success for Vanix, but we will restore the status quo.  There are still eleven months left in the year, and plenty of time to practice and better ourselves. Despite our defeats, Vanix won’t let this hang over us. This loss has only sparked the fire in the furnaces of the team, so in the days to come we move forward thinking ‘we can only get better from here’.


8th Jan – 16-5 Loss to Zenyar esports *

12th Jan – 16-12 Loss to Wasps Gaming *

19th Jan – Win against My Revenge

MAP 1 – 16-10

MAP 2 – 16-14

25th Jan – Eliminated by Vector Gaming

MAP 1 – 16 – 3

MAP 2 – 16 – 1

*Best of One


Lirox – Yannis Hasert  

TPS – Stefan Fortmann 

ICU – Kevin Heise 

Dr1per – Jan Niklas Benn 

Zntx – Marvin

Thank you to “Arcky” Phillip for his time at Vanix, we wish him the best.


Brendan Whitehead, Sarah Fox