SnailJuice | Huw Kreuchen

Posted by Sarah Fox October 19, 2020 in CSGOESPORTSPLAYERS


Age: 22

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite Weapon in CS: AWP


How long have you played CS?

5 years

How did you feel about playing at the collegiate level?

I love playing collegiate counterstrike, I feel like it’s a good step to take to learn a lot more about working as a team and working on communication etc. I used to run and play for the collegiate team for Falmouth University

What are your goals? Is there a job you want or a dream you have?

I hope to work in esports and go into events organisation

What do you do outside of CSGO?

I’m a student studying esports

What games do you love?

Other than Cs, I love Runescape, among us and sometimes a bit of Minecraft if I just want to chill

All-time favourite game, why?

Has to be counter-strike because I’ve never been so passionate about something before and it actually helped me get through a lot of trauma in my life