Panda | Luke Whiting

Posted by Sarah Fox October 19, 2020 in CSGOESPORTSPLAYERS


Age: 20

Favourite colour: Red

Favourite Weapon in CS: SSG08 (Scout) it’s so satisfying to headshot with.


How long have you played CS?

6yrs on and off.

How did you feel about playing at the collegiate level?

Was really fun, playing 5v5 is a lot different from pugs and the competitive atmosphere made me want to improve even more.

What are your goals? Is there a job you want or a dream you have?

Dream job would be a game programmer at a AAA company, used to want to be a fighter pilot but glasses stopped me ;_;. But also getting paid to on my ass all day would be nice :D.

What do you do outside of CSGO?

I study games programming and program as a hobby. Other than that I like listening and playing music (even though I’m pretty bad haha)

What games do you love?

Grand Theft Auto, The Witcher franchise, ARMA and Minecraft.

All-time favourite game, why?

Grand Theft Auto 4 (the ragdoll physics was what made me want to be a programmer :D)