NaNo | Mark Kenney

Posted by Sarah Fox October 19, 2020 in CSGOESPORTSPLAYERS


Age: 20

Favourite colour: Green

Favourite Weapon in CS: AWP


How long have you played CS?

5 years total – 3 years properly

How did you feel about playing at the collegiate level?

Excited that I was able to play in a proper team similar to pro games I always watch.

What are your goals? Is there a job you want or a dream you have?

Dream job would be a professional player but realistically I have no idea although I am pursuing a career in Esports

What do you do outside of CSGO?

I study Esports Business and enjoy going on drives or watching tv shows.

What games do you love?

CSGO, Minecraft, sea of thieves, PUBG

All-time favourite game, why?

CSGO, no other game can give the same feeling or has the same feel as it