Lirox | Yannis Hasert

Posted by Brendan Whitehead February 3, 2020 in CSGOESPORTS


Age: 19 

Favourite Weapon: AK-47 

Favourite colour: Blue or Black  

Other loved games: CS:GO, PUBG, Golf with your friends  



How long have you played CS? 

“Since Summer 2016. Now I got over 5500 hours.”

What are your goals?

“CS:GO Pro ツ | I would like to work in the esports scene. But at the moment it’s not possible to study esports in Germany. But if there is a chance in an other way I would try it!”

What do you do outside of CSGO?

“ I am currently studying political science. After that I’m grinding CS.” 

All time favourite game, why? 

“CS:GO: I spent most of my time in this game. Met a lot of people which I also call my friends in real life.”