How just one clip got SnailJuice onto Vanix.

Posted by Clear May 2, 2021 in CSGONEWSPLAYERS


Name – Huw ‘SnailJuice’ Kreuchen

University Course – Esports BA

Age – 22

Role – IGL

Favourite Map – Overpass

Favourite Skin – M4A4 Neo Noir

Random Fact – Has 11 medals in Latin American dancing.

Where did the gamertag ‘SnailJuice’ come from?

I think it was in like 2011 or 2012, I went to change my name on RuneScape because my brother and I made the account originally and he chose the name. I wanted ‘Beetlejuice’, but obviously that was already taken but it made suggestions and one of those was SnailJuice, so I just went with that and it stuck. Before SnailJuice it was ‘huw_jarse’.

Have you competed in any other game outside of CS?

I actually competed at a reasonably high level in Hearthstone in 2014/15. I started playing in a bunch of tournaments, I was coming like 3rd/4th and then actually won one. As I started to get good and get the high placements, I got really bored of the game so switched to CS.

What was your history in competitive CS like before Vanix?

I’ve played in a few teams. The first was a group of 5 friends under one name, BeardBoyzzz, that was despite only one of us being able to grow a beard. That team then became Scimitar, which is the team that I own basically. That team kind of went silent but then when I was at Falmouth University, we started a team under the name Scimitar and actually did really well, pretty much as well as we’re doing in Vanix now. And then when I came here [Staffordshire University] I joined Vanix.

How long have you been playing for Vanix?

Since September last year. I started playing with the guys in August when they had try-outs. It was really lucky because it was during the first game of the first try-out, I hit probably the sickest clip I’ve ever hit. As soon as I did that, I went downstairs and was like “Mum, Dad I think I might have made it on the team”.


Do you guys on the team spend time together outside of CS or play other games together?

We play Valorant together sometimes, but other than that we don’t play a lot of other games together. I hang out with Mark [NaNo] a lot outside of the game.

What is the highlight of your time on Vanix?

An overall highlight is just the streams and having the feeling of people supporting you. Every other time I’ve played CS competitively, you know I tell my parents I’ve got a game and they wish me luck, but they have no idea. But actually, having people genuinely supporting you is the biggest highlight. Closely following this is the clips which are sometimes casted.

What about a low point?

Well, the obvious answer here is Trent Thunder Pink. But to be honest, for that one I was able to make a joke out of it, sometimes it happens but I can’t be mad. I can’t think of my lowest with Vanix, possibly feeling ill for a couple of days after eating so many bananas for the first Collegiate Cup. Overall, a low point is kind of being in a slump recently. I feel like I’m starting to come out of it now, but over the past few months I haven’t been performing too well.

What are your plans for the bit of downtime coming up in the competitive season?

I’ve got some deadlines that I have to get done, so work and then chilling really. Me and a few mates from the flat next to mine found a fallen tree in the woods which we’ve spent a few days building a den around it and its actually sick now. It’s got a door and everything.

Do you have any plans for the future after university?

With CS everything is kind of up in the air at the minute because Mark [NaNo], Hartw1gg and Curtis are in their final year, and so will be leaving afterwards. Luke [Panda] has one more year because he is on a placement. Personally, however I want to have a go with more content creation stuff, not just with CS but I also play RuneScape a lot, so in this downtime I was going to give that a go. In general, I just want to do my work and see what the future holds for me, I don’t really have any plans for any other stuff, I just want to get my degree and see what happens. That’s why I came on the esports course here, because I’ve known for some years that I want to work in the esports industry, but I don’t know where my passion lies within the different roles within esports right now.

How are you feeling for Collegiate Cup 3? Have you ever played League of Legends?

Yeah, I’ve played League. League was my first actual esports title that I’ve played. I played in about 2013 and then the last time I played I think was when Yasuo was a new character. I’m probably just going to do a fill role for it, as long as it’s in botlane I should be fine. I played a couple games recently, as long as I’m support its fine, if I go ADC which is what I used to play it doesn’t go fine. We’ve got 0 chance with the League game, but the CS game is going to be so easy. Minecraft game, or whatever it is, I actually mentioned the other night about Mario Kart, but whatever the third game is we’re smashing that as well.

Interview by Jacob ‘CleaR’ McNally.