Hartw1g | Hartwig Hoehlmueller

Posted by Sarah Fox October 19, 2020 in CSGOESPORTSPLAYERS


Age: 20

Favourite colour: Green

Favourite Weapon in CS: AK-47


How long have you played CS?

Around 4 years

How did you feel about playing at the collegiate level?

Allowed me to play in a higher skill group with others with a collective feeling of wanting to improve. Would highly recommend to anyone with even a small history in competetive esports.

What are your goals? Is there a job you want or a dream you have?

My goal, individually, is to become the best player and captain that i can become. My dream job would be any that would allow me to travel the world.

What games do you love?

The Assassins Creed series and Pokemon

All-time favourite game?

Definitely CSGO