#BlackLivesMatter Charity Streams raise £415.97

Posted by Sarah Fox June 12, 2020 in CHARITYNEWS
From 10th – 13th June streamers took on a 3 day charity stream to raise money for Black Lives Matter causes, combining the passion for equality with a love of games.

The voices of the protesters marching down the tear gas stained streets of cities all over the world do not go unheard. The prejudice and discrimination that members of the black community face, constantly, not just by peers and strangers, but by the bodies empowered with the responsibility to protect and serve does not go unseen. 

Over the last few weeks, we have seen the extent of people’s determination in the fight for change, and as people refuse to be silenced, it is encouraging to witness that the message of equality will not go unspoken. We here at Vanix are Incredibly proud of three streamers that took the initiative to stand up and support those battling for equality by organising a three-day charity event that took place from the 10th – 13th June. Thanks to the individual efforts of Tayu, Jools, and Josh, as well as everyone who tuned in and donated, a total of £415.97 was raised for the Black Lives Matter movement, and it is our hope their efforts help to support and raise awareness for those facing adversity and struggling against the current state of the world.

I decided to stream after seeing the current state of how people in black communities in America are being treated by those who are there to protect them. I figured that I’m in a position to make a change and do some good, so why shouldn’t I use the platform to do something and raise awareness for a cause that needs addressing; which is why I decided to stream for the movement.”

– Josh

The key point of these streams was to raise awareness, along with funds, to inspire change across the globe starting from home. There are a multitude of ways to do this, and each streamer chose to support individual causes, including BlackLivesMatterUK and The George Floyd Fund, by streaming a variety of games.

The Twitch platform has always been a diverse one, and has allowed people of all ethnicities to enjoy their common love of gaming. Whether as a viewer or a streamer, it is our passion for the characters we play and the worlds we explore that connects us. Over the course of the charity streams, appeal came in the form of well known titles, such as; Mortal Kombat, Apex Legends, Valorant, League of Legends, and even Pokemon emulators, which allowed people from all backgrounds to bond over their shared love of games. That’s something our streamers are aware of, but still, having so many people come together for a shared cause was humbling, and the amount they managed to raise was wonderfully surprising.

“I’m just super happy and pleasantly surprised. I’ve been expressing it to my mum, she’s super proud so that’s more than enough for me”

– Tayu

Vanix Esports has always been an organisation that is open about its diversity and inclusive attitude. We believe everyone should be treated equally, receive the same opportunities and most importantly be proud of who they are. We couldn’t be prouder of our streamers who took it upon themselves to set up the 3 day event which clearly expresses the same desires for a better world, but even more so, the courage they showed by putting themselves out there and deciding to do something about it. 

 “I’m really thankful for everyone who donated to such a necessary movement in support of a better tomorrow; personally I didn’t expect us to raise so much and I’m overwhelmed that we did! We should all be using our talents and platforms to advocate for progressive change.”

– Jools

Again, thank you for all your support and donations, but the fight against inequality isn’t over. Until we see an actual change in our global perspective and apply that into real and meaningful action, the war against inequality and injustice must continue. Although the streams may be over, that doesn’t mean our fight is. You can still find ways to support and spread awareness for the cause, or even donate your money and time towards making a difference. Whatever, whenever and however you choose to contribute, don’t let your voice go unheard. Be part of the change you want the next generations to experience.



Brendan Whitehead, Sarah Fox